[sip-comm-dev] GSoC 09 : JUnit for DTMF


I added one JUnit test for the DTMF project. It belongs to the SIP test

The test :
- create a call between two local accounts.
- The caller send one DTMF digit.
- The callee receive the digit and compared it with the digit sent.

In TestOperationSetDTMF I use some inner code of
TestOperationSetBasicTelephonySipImpl and I disabled the call in progress
policy because it put on holds the caller.

To make it work :
  - you need to apply localCalls.patch.
This patch correct the fact that getPublicAddressFor function didn't use the
local IP adress to check if a socket is free or not.

  - you need to use RegistrarLess accounts.
If you specify a SIP server in accounts.properties no RTP packets are sent
during the local call. It is strange .



localCalls.patch (3.33 KB)

accounts.properties (8.34 KB)

DTMF_JUnit_test.patch (24.6 KB)