[sip-comm-dev] [GSoC 09] Geek communicator - Progress


I have;

   - Added a interface for Command Handlers (CommandHandler)
   - Made some changes to the way arguments (before only URIs) are sent
   between instances
   - Added support for arguments in impl.argdelegation.ArgDelegationPeerImpl
    so new CommandHandlers can be added
   - Added support for arguments in as well as util.launchutils.ArgDelegator
   and to some degree in util.launchutils.LaunchArgHandler to handle the
   - Added commands:
      - exit
      - open-chat - searches through the contacts for a DisplayName matching
      the one supplied and opens the chat
      - hide-chat - works like open-chat

I will now try to figure out how to hide all open chats and then just
continue adding commands.


geek communicator - 090604.patch (26.9 KB)