[sip-comm-dev] git fork of svn repository


Hello everybody,

I have been trying to fork svn repository to hg initially so that we can
have DSCM repository of sipcomm as well but after getting all the history
along with all the tags and branches, the size of repository became 1.2 GB
which was quite huge. Then I tried forking it for git and the repository
size turns out to be 211 Mb.

After checking out trunk on git, the size of directory is 321 Mb where as
the size of svn directory (for trunk) is 230 Mb.

The url of git fork is http://github.com/atulagrwl/Sip-Communicator. I have
not changed the authors name in the git fork and hence the name will look
weird. If you are interested in putting proper name and email address,
please complete the authors.txt file attached with this email and I will
rerun the import command with authors.txt file and push it to github. :).
Also please note, i have not edited anything while pushing it to github (not
even added .gitignore and README file) to fork the original repository.

Also let me know if anyone is interested in hg repository then I will push
it to bitbuket also.

authors.txt (331 Bytes)



Atul Aggarwal