[sip-comm-dev] Generic installer


On the SIP Communicator's download page, I noticed that the generic installer has disapeared (for the nightly builds). Is it normal ? I ask it because the generic installer is still build and reachable.

BTW when testing the generic installer on Windows it does not work due to missing run.exe/uninstall.exe files. It should work by adding in ressources/install/generic/installer-generic.xml (in pack name="run"):

<file targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" src="resources/install/windows/run.exe" os="windows" override="true"/>
<file targetdir="$INSTALL_PATH" src="resources/install/windows/uninstall.exe" os="windows" override="true"/>
<executable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/run.exe" stage="never" os="windows"/>
<executable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/uninstall.exe" stage="never" os="windows"/>




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