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Hey folks,

A few notes for those helping out with the stand preparation:



Pascal Bleser wrote on the Stands2009 FOSDEM mailing list: =================================================================== Three weeks to go! :slight_smile:

We start the event on Saturday at 10:30 with a little welcome talk and
the keynotes, but the venue is obviously already opened earlier (we're
already there very, very early in the morning).

I would recommend coming around 09:00 in the morning (or later) to build
up your stand, as people start to rush in around 09:30-10:00.
I will compile and send a list of where your stand will be located, even
though we always make last minute changes when we build things up on
Friday, in order to pick the best spots in the hallways and accommodate
the flow of visitors.

The most important information is in which building it is (either "H" or
"AW"), and we will stick A4 sheets with your respective project names on
the tables.
When in doubt, you can also always poke the friendly FOSDEM staff at the
Infodesk (which is located at the main entrance in the H building).

Map: http://fosdem.org/2009/maps/campus

For those who have never been at FOSDEM: Saturdays are always a lot
busier than Sundays, for reasons that are beyond our comprehension. So
if you plan to meet with specific people from other projects, it would
be advisable to do so on Sunday, as you'll barely be able to escape the
questions from and discussions with the many FOSS contributors who will
stop at your stand :slight_smile:
I'm not kidding, the hallways are literally *packed*:

As a reminder: we provide a roaming wifi network over all the rooms and
hallways FOSDEM takes place in, both A and B (not G as it is not
sufficiently reliable with several thousands of connected devices).
Unlike previous years, we will _not_ provide wired Internet connections.

It is also a good idea to bring along some power chords, especially
multi-socket ones. We do provide some of them, but probably can't cover
everything and hence, bringing a few long multi-socket power chords is
definitely the safest option.
As a side note, in Belgium we use type "E" sockets:
We don't provide converter sockets so, if needed, bring that along as well.

May I also remind you of our social event on Friday evening:

Information regarding travel/transportation can be found here:

If you have any question, please do contact us at devrooms@fosdem.org

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