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Hey folks,

Seems like we will once again have the honor of running a stand on FOSDEM!

Looking forward to meeting you all there again!


From: Elise Huard

Hello Emil,

Your request for a stand of Sip Communicator at FOSDEM 2010 has been
accepted, and we will put the following at your disposal:
  - on Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00,
  - 1 table(s) of 2 meter width and 1 meter depth, 2 seats per table,
  - most probably in the AW
  - best-effort wireless interenet and one(!) type C/E power plug.
If you want to decline this offer, please tell us as soon as possible.

We provide only one power plug per stand, but you can hook up several
multi-socket power chords. Because we can not provide those for every
stand, we must ask you to bring your own multi-socket power chords.

To make the stands look more professional, we would also like to ask you
to bring a table cloth that covers the table and the front of it. The
front side is a very good place to put your logo and name in large on,
this will increase your visibility.

We will stick A4 sheets with your project name on the tables, so you'll
know where to install stuff. The best time to build up your stands in
the H building is around 09:00. From 09:30-10:00 the people start to
rush in, heading for the opening talks. In the AW building, things are
typically more quiet until the opening talks are finished, which is
around 12:00.

With kind regards,
The FOSDEM stand organizers.


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