[sip-comm-dev] Fwd: [codec] A Digital Media Primer for Geeks


Definitely worth seeing!

Especially for folks like most of us here: "with more 'protocol' than
signal processing background" :slight_smile:

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Тема: [codec] A Digital Media Primer for Geeks
Дата: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 11:45:52 -0700
От: Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell@juniper.net>
До: codec@ietf.org <codec@ietf.org>

For a number of weeks a number of people involved with Xiph.Org have
been working on an introductory video for a technical audience about
digital multimedia.

This first video covers only the very most basic material— basically
digitization and signal representations for audio and video—, so it
probably isn't news to many of the people in this working group. But I
expect that some people with more 'protocol' than signal processing
background will find it informative.

Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to produce follow on material to
each everyone else everything we know about this subject area.

The video is available at http://www.xiph.org/video/

and there is also a "Wiki edition" of this project, at
which links extensively to third party resources for those eager to
continue learning beyond the starting point the video provides.
Feedback, and especially additional references for the Wiki would be
greatly appropriated.



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