[sip-comm-dev] Fw: Use sip-communicator with other java project


Hi there,

Apologies for spamming like this as I posted this message on the users mailing list as well as I was not sure where to post it. Going through the archive and came across this post from a while back: https://sip-communicator.dev.java.net/servlets/ReadMsg?list=users&msgNo=841

Now that I know what am trying to do is somewhat possible. Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to where to start. I need my application to be able to load the sip-communicator environment and pass voice back and forth and also be able to make and answer phone calls. How is this possible and where should I start looking?

Again apologies if these questions seem trivial.



From: Henry oko

Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 10:52 AM
To: users@sip-communicator.dev.java.net
Subject: Use sip-communicator with other java project

Hi sip-communicator community,

I am relatively new to sip-communicator and am wondering how possible it is to incorporate some of its services in my java application. I have developed a voice recognizer/speech synthesizer application which I need to plug in to sip-communicator. Basically what I want to find out is :

(1) Configuring - is it possible to configure and launch it from another java class
(2) Control - is it possible to dial out or answer the phone via another java class
(3) Voice out - can I send voice from my application into the sip client
(4) Voice in - can I get voice into my java class from the SIP client.

I do apologize if my questions seem trivial but as mentioned earlier, I am just getting into sc and am doing as much learning as I can plus my work is kind of high priority. Thank you very much in advance.