[sip-comm-dev] Fw: Failed msg when trying to call using SIP


I forgot to send the Logfile

sip-communicator0.log (66.8 KB)


--- On Mon, 15/9/08, sowmya vallam <vallam_sowmya@yahoo.co.in> wrote:

From: sowmya vallam <vallam_sowmya@yahoo.co.in>

Subject: Failed msg when trying to call using SIP
To: dev@sip-communicator.dev.java.net
Date: Monday, 15 September, 2008, 10:33 AM

Hello to all

Thanks in advance for your help.

When I am trying to call using the SIP getting an Failed message, i am sending my Logs files Please find the attachement for more details

Has anyone have a clue ? Thanks you

Sowmya v

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Is there a way, when receiving a call, to know to witch of my local
accounts i am being called to ?

I have three SIP accounts configured on the same SipCommunicator
running, and when i receive a call id like to know to witch of them i am
being contacted.

I am running SC against na asterisk SIP Server.

At CallManager.incomingCallReceived(CallEvent event) i printed the
event, i printed the event.getsourceCall() , the participants, etc, but
knowwhere i found reference to my account.

Thanks for your help