[sip-comm-dev] Finding solution for EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error


Hello All,

    I'm developing a secure Audio and video communication component using JMF.
My component based on "UI-Based Application for Transmission of Media over
RTP" and "UI-Based Application for Reception of Media over RTP". I've
modified the code so it can capture audio and video from capture devices
then send it to multi targets.
  At this time, I'm testing on my laptop, and I've encountered the
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when I receive and the play multi streams at the
same time. The problem appears to all JMF solution which uses AVReceiver.

Another problem is if the program passes the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
error, one of the windowplayer will control other playerwindows. I mean when
I press pause, the other playerwindows would be paused to.

The problem never happens if I receive only one stream.

Please give me some advices

hs_err_pid2656.log (11.7 KB)

hs_err_pid1908.log (21.3 KB)