[sip-comm-dev] Error with sip-communicator-1.0-alpha3-nightly.build.2570.exe


The program features the following errors:

Close the program when you open Tools / Options / Medium (New)
and the small window of the Desktop Environment is shown in pink Windows XP
and Windows 7

Do not accept file transfers from Windows to Linux, it shows a message "can
not transfer, please try ..."

Having trouble with the voice conference call, for less than 1 minutes
maintaining the connection and then falls into one of the users
and SIP-COMMUNICATOR try to make a call to another user in the conference
but can not connect

Also having trouble synchronizing contacts, because sometimes there is a
user is connected and is shown as unavailable and has to close the SIP
program and open it again to show it available

These errors tested on several PCs, getting the results mentioned above