[sip-comm-dev] drag'n drop over the ContactList for metacontact reorganization


Hi all, hi Yana,

Attached is a little patch which enables contact and metacontact reorganization
on the contact list in a more easy way.

It gives the ability to move a metacontact and all enclosed contacts (by dragging the
metacontact label) or a single contact (by dragging one of the icons in front of
the metacontact) to another metacontact in any group or to another metacontact group.

I noticed that jabber contacts don't like to be moved in another metagroup. But it seems
to work nevertheless...

This patch includes a previous, about auto switch for account selector box ,which
automatically choose the appropriate protocol provider service when we select
a contact supporting telephony.

I'm thinking about an improvement, which will not add functinality, to give a more
attractive visual feedback for the dnd operation (by painting the moved element
during the operation). There is a small commented code about that in the patch.


contact-list-dnd.patch (13.6 KB)

ContactListDraggable.java (2.69 KB)