[sip-comm-dev] Details about Ad-hoc MUC and chat rooms



(This is just a little bit more details about the patch I sent moments ago.)

I've begun to work on multi user chat almost one month ago, in order to fix the remaining bugs.

I began some tests mainly with Jabber, MSN, ICQ and Yahoo!, and have noticed that Jabber (and IRC)
have a different way to do multi user chat than MSN, ICQ, Yahoo8 etc.
In fact, multi user chat with Jabber was much more evolved than others (for example, it allows, kicks, bans, roles, etc.).

After some offlist discussions with Emll and Yana, we decided to make a difference between these two ways
to do multi user chat (calling it "Ad-hoc"): that means two interfaces for both ChatRoom and OperationSetMultiUserChat,
in order to separate a "simplest" muc (MSN, ICQ, ...) than a more evolved (Jabber, IRC, ...).

In fact, the patch provides these interfaces (AdHocChatRoom, OperationSetAdHocMultiUserChat) and
the associated listeners, events (chat room created, destroyed and more) and a first implementation for MSN.

As I said, any changes is made in the current implementation of MSN, it's just preparatory :slight_smile:

I'll send a patch in the next weeks which will provide the integration of ad-hoc muc with the GUI.




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