[sip-comm-dev] create different threads for different receivers



Maybe this is not the best place for placing this question, but I think
that Emil or someone can help me with this:

I´m building a conference server. I started from the architecture of the
previous version of Sip - Communicator.

Now that I have to handle multiple RTP Receivers, I have some doubt
regarding threads. I just create the AVReceive.java objects from the
MediaManager, as many as I need.

Well, my question is, how is the processement of this objects being carried
out? Is it just the main thread controlling all of them? Or as it is based
in events once all the receivers are initialized, the behaviour is similar
as the one they would have if being run by different threads?

I´m asking this because I would like to know that if trying to make them
(every AVReceive object) be ruled by a different thread each would assure a
better performance for the application.

If so, how can I make that class to be run by a thread? I mean, what
should I put in the run method?

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate.