[sip-comm-dev] ChatWindow MenuItem - PluginComponent.setCurrentContact


Hello all,

As part of my requirements<http://www.sip-communicator.org/index.php/GSOC2009/OTR>I
need to add a menu and toolbar button in the chat window (the
PluginComponents). The options these menu and toolbar buttons provide are
not static and depend on my contact details (i.e. account ID and protocol
name) and the other participant contact details (i.e. user ID and protocol

The problem is how do I get these contact details from a PluginComponent
(the menu or the toolbar button in this case)?

There seems to be a PluginComponent.setCurrentContact(..,) method, but
neither MessageWindowMenuBar nor MainToolBar call this method when they add
the PluginComponent. Both MessageWindowMenuBar and MainToolBar have a
ChatWindow private property, so we can have access to current chat
participants (current ChatPanel -> current ChatSession -> current
ChatSession.getParticipants(), which is of type Iterator<ChatContact>) but
ChatContact does not seem to provide me with the contact details I need as
stated above.

This is how far I got it, any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you,