[sip-comm-dev] Can't run the bundle


Exact !

What is strange is that i first put my icons in the
same way as it used by the "MSN plugin" for example
(resources/images/spellcheckplugin/spellcheck.png) ...
and it didn't work, I don't understand why ... :S

But when you do it in a directory inside the
it works ! :S

Whatever ...

Thanx JD !


From: francky vincent <hinomura.yo@gmail.com>

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Hi Toni,

I tried to put an icon on the JButton like it's done
in the pluginmanager
plugin and it works...
Be sure to have the correct path to your .png file in
I had the same error message before correcting the
To be clear, i've got 3 files, the activator, the
Resource.java and the
resources.properties. Besides i've got a class SButton
for creating a
JButton which has the icon already associated and the
addActionListener(). So that the button is ready and
operational when we
call it in the ....Activator.java

I'm on msn if want further explications.



Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 18:40:55 +0200
Subject: [sip-comm-dev] Can't run the bundle

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