[sip-comm-dev] builds and wiki


It took me a couple of heartbeats to realise that it wasn't me!

I've just updated build.xml to make it consistent with the recent discussion between
Emil and me.

There are quite a few minor changes, but I really hope that none of them are
controversial. They ought to make no difference to the way we already like to use the
build. The main intention was to make it easier for new users to build, test and run the

I have also updated several pages in the wiki to bring them completely up-to-date with
the current version of the build.

There are several paths into the build for a new user....

1. execute the "ant" command with no arguments. This will run the default target, which
has been renamed to "ant-usage". The "ant-usage" task now lists the most useful
commands and OUGHT to save us a lot of questions on the mailing list, because it
tries to explain the difference between "ant run" and "ant rebuild run", etc. I want to keep
it as brief as possible, but I hope it isn't confusing.

2. execute the "ant -projecthelp" command. I think this is not intuitively obvious to most
people on this planet, but experienced ant users might try it first. Other users will be
pointed to it by the default target. This pseudo-target lists all the external project targets
and prints their descriptions. I have changed the wording on some of these to make
them clearer and more accurate.

3. execute "ant run" against a virgin sandbox. Because we all agreed that the "run"
target should NOT have any dependents, this command will fail. Hopefully, the new
user will stop guessing and either visit the wiki or try one of the commands above!

I hope everyone approves of the change. I apologise if it causes any difficulties.




On Tue, 9 May 2006 13:57:08 +0200, Emil Ivov wrote:

You may have noticed that the build has been broken for the last few

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