[sip-comm-dev] build.xml changes for netbeans (eclipse users please read too!)


I've just committed a sequence of changes to the netbeans debug targets, which are defined in external files (i.e. no longer in build.xml).

However, fixing these targets needed quite a lot of changes to build.xml. I have tried VERY HARD to make these changes transparent to eclipse and command prompt ant, but unfortunately I have not been able to test them under eclipse.

I believe the changes would only be relevant to running or debugging a single slick file (from the test folder). Please let me know if these ant targets no longer behave as expected and I will try to help resolve any problems.

The lucky netbeans and command prompt ant users should find everything works beautifully. (Of course, netbeans users must remember to deploy the new project files from ~/ide/nbproject/ to their own local ~/nbproject/ directory.)

Good luck everyone!


p.s. I hope to update the wiki this weekend. In the meantime, my changes have comments that explain the modified logic.


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