[sip-comm-dev] bug report


Hi, dear all,
After the discussion with "hiddenman" today, I setup the environment, and
found the same problems as he said.
1. the "registrar" cannot be re-configured (in grey) after creating a new
SIP account, no matter if the override checkbox is ticked or not.
However, all other options can be modified. Only when the account is
deleted, the new creation can setup the registrar again.

2. there is no way to create multiple (>=2) SIP accounts. the new creation
will override the existing one anyway.

3. the SIP session cannot be established via openfire sip.jar plugin. I'm
not sure if it is about the connection type (tcp or udp)

Btw, I tested on the 3CX windows SIP server, which accepts UDP by default.

plz send me a copy if anyone has an answer. thanks


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