[sip-comm-dev] Branch merging with subclipse


Hi all,

If you encounter some difficulties to merge the changes you've done in alpha2, this mail might help you.

Merging a branch means copy back the changes from the branch to the trunk. In fact, SVN uses a simpl diff to apply this patch: it's a little bit like if you were making an update from the trunk considering the branch repository.
However there's something tricky here. The diff is not done between the head of the trunk and the head of the branch because the trunk has changed and some parts of the code and some files might have been removed, applying such a diff will revert the remove operation !
In fact the diff operation must be computed from the trunk at the revision when the branch has been created (3089 in the alpha2 case) to the head of the branch, this diff must be applied to an up to date version of the trunk.

With subclipse you must follow these steps:
- commit all the changes you've done on your working copy
- be sure to have an up to date copy of the trunk
- start a merge operation
    * from revision : 3089
    * to revision : head
- merge !
- correct any conflict you can solve (probably concerning the part of the code you're in charge of)
- now commit only the modification you are responsible for to be sure that if a conflict happen, you'll be able to fix it quickly.
- pray and correct any conflict which happens due to some dependencies in the changes, ...

I hope that this mail will help you and that we'll have soon all the nice work done for the alpha2 branch merged in the trunk :slight_smile:



* from : the trunk
    * to : the alpha2 branch

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