[sip-comm-dev] Are there any specified mentor for each project ..?


I have applied to SIP-Communicator's "Auto re-connect after network
failure" project. I have two questions :
* I am looking at the sip-comm. projects's page but couldnT see any mentor
for any project. May i learn that who is the mentor of my project, is it
possible ?

* The other one is : I have asked at the irc channel before but there was no
reply so i had to ask it to here. I am looking at the sip-comm.'s source
code for a while. Because of the project that i applied for, i want to learn
something how the connection initialization is being done in
sip-communicator. I couldnT see any specified file related to this issue. İs
there anyone have an idea about that ?

I am waiting for your replies.