[sip-comm-dev] applet sip-communicator



I'm programmer(junior yet;)) and last time I'm intresting about sip-comunicator, and I want try use part of sip-communicator code to build Applet. I think about simple applet which will be can connect to mobile phone, I want use only SIP protocol, so applet must give posibility choice every phone number(dial panel) and two buttons to start call and end call, it's all for start.
It is possible (my idea)?Maybe did you hear, someone worked or built similar applet ?
Maybe someone have some hint?

I've research almost all code of sip communicator, Now, I trying understand how work org.ocgi.framwork, bundlecontext.
Could I leave org.ocgi.framework system in my applet project?

Obviously, I found methods about call, about provider and participant, but now I dont how use
SIP protocol implementiation and how to leave all process about install account, and store account in xml file.

best regards

Artur Wójcik