[sip-comm-dev] ANT platform specific task and fail note.


Hi Pedro,
The solution you propose is indeed an option and we'll have to settle
for it in case we don't find another way around. What bothers me is that
I'd prefer it if we could avoid writing OS specific code for that would
give us no guarantee that the problem won't appear on non enumerated
operating systems.

I'd strongly prefer avoiding the exec command and using <ant> or taskdef
or typedef or whatever would allow us to modify the classpath and add
xalan to it.

I agree. There should be a better way and perhaps looking at some other open source
projects or even the ant forums would suggest a platform-independent way to resolve
the issue.

After all, java is platform-independent and so is ant. We've already got
platform-specific support in Sip-comm to accomodate the JMF, but lets try really hard
to have less of it... not more!

Hope you find a way to achieve this!




On Thu, 06 Apr 2006 17:16:52 -0700, Emil Ivov wrote:

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