[sip-comm-dev] Announcing EZDroid.com!


Since SIP Communicator is built on Apache Felix and has been ported to Android already, I thought it might be interesting for SC developers to learn about this new initiative and perhaps collaborate? This is the original announcement:

When the first Android SDK was launched, we were the first to get Apache Felix running on it. Back then, we had to use a couple of undocumented APIs. Recently, Google released Android version 1.5 which now has a public API for loading classes, so we're proud to announce that Apache Felix is once again the first to run on Android 1.5 and support it out of the box.

This has lead to the the announcement of EZDroid, the world’s first open-source, collaborative platform for the safe deployment of component-based software applications and content across Android, and other Java supporting mobile devices.

EZdroid was founded by two of Europe’s leading companies in the field of OSS technology (luminis and Akquinet). It is the world’s first platform, built from open source components, which will allow the mass deployment of applications without proprietary licensing issues.

EZdroid supports the secure deployment of software applications and content (known as Provisioning) to Android phones and in the future, other mobile operating systems. We are now inviting developers and other interested parties to become part of the EZdroid community.

Further information and a demonstration of the platform is now available and downloadable to Android phones at: http://www.ezdroid.com/

Greetings, Marcel