[sip-comm-dev] Adding Jabber contacts and being added as such

I just want to report a few issues I experienced with Jabber contact
adding, I'm not sure whether they behave in such a way by design or

I had Seb in my @sip-communicator.org Google Talk contact list. He
added my Jabber @voipgw.u-strasbg.fr ID to his contact list so I got
an authorization request which I accepted. So his ID which I didn't
have before appeared in my NotInContactList. I tried merging his new
ID with the existing one I had but it didn't work out. As we wanted to
utilize the hot Jingle call, the fact that the new ID was in my
NotInContactList wasn't useful at all because calling such an ID is
not allowed in SIP Communicator (at least the call button is

So I restarted SIP Communicator and tried adding Seb using File > "Add

I made a mistake and added another Jabber ID by mistake. I couldn't
remove it from my contact list no matter what. I only managed by
editing by contactlist.xml by hand.

Then I did add Seb's new Jabber ID to my contact list and he accepted.

Later on I got an authorization request from Seb. As strange as it
was, I accepted and got presented with an empty Authorization Response
dialog (please refer to the attached authorization-response.png for a
screenshot). Seb said he just moved me to a different group.

I remember there was a discussion about adding Jabber contacts but I
didn't understand it very well back then so I'm sorry if these are
known or by design.