[sip-comm-dev] Ad-hoc MUC progress


Hi all,

Earlier this morning, I managed to implements the ad-hoc multi user chat for MSN: a three participants chat
was established, fully functional :slight_smile:

The main difficulty I encountered during this task was to find every class where the OperationSetMultiUserChat was invoked,
  in order to replace it with the OperationSetAdHocMultiUserChat. And the way to manage both ad-hoc and non ad-hoc sessions,
conferences, contacts etc. as well.

I'll soon send a patch which includes this MSN implementation and fixes/updates for previous patch I've send.

I think (and hope) that two next patches will come soon: it will be both ICQ and Yahoo! implementations for ad-hoc muc. It should be easier to do
since there will be only two classes (chatroom & OpSet) for each patch regarding to my latest patch's content.

I take advantage of this mail to thanks Emil & Yana for their precious helps and their availability I've really appreciated!
Thx both,



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