[sip-comm-dev] Abbreviations usage for SIP communicator



I thought of doing an extension of a Gsoc 2009 project for a project(The
Embedded DataBase project done by Ajay Chhatwal). Basically I plan to give
the user the facility of using abbreviations (ex: when you type *gn* and
press enter/tab, it will be converted to *good night* automatically.
Abbreviations and related words will be stored in the embedded Data Base) &
a word suggestion scheme (say for an example when you are typing a friend's
name which you have typed earlier in a chat as well). The abbreviation part
is my prime target. I will be most grateful if you could give me some advice
on what I have to do. I'm still a novice on these things, and could do with
some guidelines.


Isuru Haththotuwa