[sip-comm] CTO to show sip-comm at conference


cool, thanks that makes it easy. Does the video supposed to work in pre1.0?
If so I am going to definitely debug and see what is wrong. If not, it is
worth spending any time on(ie. is it close enough that I could get it
working)? I have a JMF video example working(recording and playback), but
my sip-comm is not working with video.
thanks for any hints on the pre1.0 status of video,


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Hello Dean,

you can create your own webstart package with the pre1.0 version of the
SIP Communicator by invoking the webstart target with ant.

Hope this helps,


Hiller, Dean wrote:

He wants me to have a webstart or applet version ready in ONE WEEK! I
know I saw there was a webstart link previously. Where did that go?
Also, does the video of the old sip-comm work? I think I am using the
old version. I downloaded something 3 weeks ago and have been fiddling
with the code alot.

thanks for any info on this. I only have one week, so please respond
asap with any knowledge you might have,
thanks(and thanks much for this great contribution to the open source
community too!),

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