[sip-comm] configuring SipCommunicator


Emil and other SipComm users,

I'd like to configure SipCommunicator using the F4 key or pull down menu. My problem is that I can't widen the configuration screen, so i can't read the
properties. For example, there are two lines that read:


I assume one is for the IP address, the other for the port. Double clicking on property name does nothing. Also, I can't pull the corners of the window to
make it wider. (I'm using RH9.0 with gnome desktop. maybe that's the problem?)

Another issue: I have two BudgeTone-102 SIP phones. I can call either of them from SipCommunicator. however, when i pick up the SIP phone I can't hear anything that's spoken into the microphone of SipComm, and I can't hear anything
on the speakers attached to the PC that the SipComm is running on. The problem may simply be that i haven't configured the sound system and card correctly. however, I tested with jmstudio and it successfully plays .wav files.

Do you have any hints how to solve the problems?

BTW is this the appropriate list for my questions, or should i post to nist-sip?

-- TIA, TT


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