[sip-comm] compile sourcecode



I have succeded to install Sip Communicator on my Linux RedHat E. And I'm
usig an Asterisk and the SC has been registrated on my Asterisk.

I have problems with a very annoying popup window that says: "SC didnt
know how to handle the method OPTIONS in current context" which pops up
everytime an optionrequest occurs (10-20 times/min) . I have got an answer
regarding this that SC doesn't support "OPTIONS" yet..... so I thought,
with my little knowledge of JAVA, if I try to find out what request it is
and do something like this:

if(!request.getMethod().equals(Request.OPTION)) {

THEN DO ALL THE OTHER "Request controlls"



I wont get all those Exceptions that generates this annoying popup

So I have added this....but when I try to compile the sourcecode (javac
SipCommunicator.java) I get at least 100 errors, what am I missing? Do I
have to install something special to get this to work? I'm a newbie so
dont be to hard :wink:

Greatful for help!



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