[sip-comm] Communicator IP, port



I am running Communicator and Presece-proxy from JAIN
in the same computer (WXP).

I created 2 different IP addresses in WXP
( and, one for the
client, and another one for the server. The server is
successfully associated to one of them (...51), but
the communicator refuses to adopt the other one:

When I write in the sip-communicator.xml:

<IP_ADDRESS value=""/>

These values seem not to affect the address adopted by
the communicator when launched. When launched, the
second line changes authomatically to:

<IP_ADDRESS value=""/>

And the 1st line stays the same, but seems not to have
any influence.

A similar thing happens with the tag:

<PREFERRED_LOCAL_PORT value="5070"/>

I force it to some value, but once the communicator is
started, anothes different port is selected, and the
XML file is modified to:


The questions:

* How come communicator does not let me force its
address to ...53? The funny thing is that the presence
server allows me to force its ip address to ...53. Is
there a way to force communicator have a certain IP?

* Why does communicator refuses to adopt the preferred
port that is specified in the XML config file?

Thanx in advance!



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