[sip-comm] Bug: groups disappear in SIP account after closing preferences


Hello Diego,

I can only answer 3. We use a third party lib for the systray icon and the problem is in that lib. We will most probably need to patch it.

Pavel Tankov


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From: Diego Costantini <diego.costantini@gmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, May 8, 2008 6:23:03 PM
Subject: [sip-comm] Bug: groups disappear in SIP account after closing preferences

I write here to get a confirmation before opening tickets.
I’m using alpha3 on ubuntu 8.04.

I have only a sip account. I create a group (and contacts,
but it doesn’t matter, same behavior), then I go to settings and when I close
them (push ok, not cancel), the group and the contacts are not shown or not
clickable (like if they are deleted but still visible).
When I reopen the client, they are gone.

When I select Override server default options, it’s
not saved the next time I restart the application or open preferences (actually
it could be totally ignored in the first place).

Sometimes pressing the tray icon no menu appears (or just
flickers for a moment and disappears immediately)

Using presence the client send a lot of continuous SUBSCRIBE
until they interleave in the wrong way with some NOTIFY and I receive a 500 Request
out of order. Then it stops to send SUBSCRIBES.

I am using it from only few hours, so expect other bug
reports. J