[sip-comm] Basic questions about Sip Comunicator and NIST-SIP



I´m a beginner with SIP Communicator and I have some very basic questions. I
would appreciate any help.

1) Does the SIP-Communicator use the NIST-SIP stack implementation?
If yes, answer next questions, please.

2) NIST-SIP stack implements JAIN-SIP-API. The JAIN-SIP-API is
opened interfaces exposing SIP functionalities useful for an IT application,
for example. Is this statement true? If it is true , answer the next
question, please.

3) NIST-SIP is in conformance to the idea of opening network
capabilities, via standardized interfaces, for IT developers. Is this
statement true?

4) Is the NIST-SIP Jain-SIP a good SIP implementation for using as a
SIP stak in an IMS network?? If yes, please answer the following:

5) SIP-Communicator is in conformance to IMS?

6) SIP-Communicator or NIST-SIP uses some idea from Parlay.

Any hint will be very helpful!!

Thanks alot!

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho.


Ps: excuse-me my poor English.