[sip-comm] authentication on live communication server


Hello people,

I have a sugestion/feature request that i think is of strategic
importance for sip-communicator.

I came across sip communicator during my search for a client/app that
also runs under Linux that can or has the potential to communicate with
Live communication server 2005.

I work for an insurance company in the Netherlands and we start to
investigate the use of modern communication means next to the regular
E-mail systems.

The department is playing around with live communication server,webcams
attached to it and I must say that it makes your communication really

I'm running Opensuse on my production system and came across
sip-communicator and thought it to be close to what I was looking for.

Allthough after logging in to communicationserver2005 with
sip-communicator with my credentials , this server responds with a
message "authentication Failed ...." back to to sip-communicator.
(I have set up a sip account within the client.)

i think that it would be a major plus to sip-communicator If it can
connect to livecommunicator server.

MF Ramsis
Unive verzekeringen
The Netherlands

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