[sip-comm-announce] Status of SIP Communicator 1.0 development.


I'm evaluation now. It could be a month or two before we have a conclusion but I'll let you know...



I'd be interested to know your opinion once you have it. We are thinking of building some kind of a start up for customized development around the SIP Communicator and I think many commercial players might like to have H.323 support.


Joe Provino - Sun BOS Software wrote:

Waiting for Christmas (the most beautiful period of the year in the beautiful Strasbourg :slight_smile: )

yeah, xmas is almost here already!

Nothing on H.323 so far. I've planned on giving an H.323 impl as a student project this year or next. Right now we don't have the time to even think about it.

Actually I am not even aware if there's a decent H.323 stack for java. Are you?

This is something I'm looking at. Don't know how good it is and it's not
free -- $2500 for unlimited binary distribution.