SIP Auto Answer

Hello Jitsi community!

We are interested in activating the sip gw auto answer feature

Does anyone have any pointers on how to activate and use this new feature? We have JIBRI setup and working with both recording and streaming so I am hoping we would be able to add the auto answer feature to our setup.


This is still work in progress. And you cannot use this jibri with the jibri for recording, you need additional configuration for it, like extra Xorg server and pjsua from here:

This is supposed to be used through the http api starting a session with passing autoAnswer param using json like this:

    "sessionId": 123456789,
    "callParams": {
		"callUrlInfo": {
			"baseUrl": "",
			"callName": "sometestroom"
    "sinkType": "gateway",
    "sipClientParams": {
        "displayName": "+11111111",
        "autoAnswer": true

Somebody know how work this?

Many thanks!