Single Side Controlled Recording of Jibri Video

Hi All,

We have been successfully using Jitsi. I, first of all thank all the contributors for this. We have been using Jitsi with a cluster of Jibri for concurrent recording and it is running successfully.

Ours is a 1 to 1 meeting use cases, with Instructor and user. What we see that recording is based on voice signals and prominent (bigger) screen is given to the person who is speaking. Please correct me if that is not the implementation.
Now, in our case there comes a situation where user have to show some documents which instructor reads and verifies. During conference, there is no issue, but in the recording this portion comes in the small corner window and there is no way in recording to see what is there in the documents as that portion is so small.

Is there a way, we can control which side of conference gets recorded, ours will always remain a 1 to 1 meeting scenario, so that from the recording one can validate the documents.

Any help will be really appreciated in this regard… thanks in advance


You can use follow me to control what everyone sees including the recorder.

Thanks for your response… Didn’t got it fully, what does follow me mean… and can i change it programmatically during the conference…

You can enable that from settings. “Everyone follows me”.