Single server Jibri record multiple conference

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for repeating a completely old topic. But it’s still my problem now, so I expect there is a solution to resolve this problem. All ideas or solutions are appreciated.
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Aes Nguyen

You’re asking about a single Jibri recording multiple conferences at the same time?

Yep. If I have 100 conference running at the same time. I’m going to need a hundred servers jibri to record them. That’s too bad. I have researched but not found a satisfactory answer.

Yes, Jibri only supports recording one conference at a time.

@bbaldino I have an idea that I can use Docker container to build multiple jibri in one server. Do you have any advice to configure?

I think some people have been experimenting with that, but we don’t have anything official.

There is docker PR for this, you can check it

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Thanks so much for you help

Hi @damencho. When I try to build Jibri docker I got this error. Is it lock or I do something not correct?