Single Machine - Multiple VirtualHosts, Different Authentication Mechanism

Hi team,

I am trying to configure multiple domains and virtual hosts on single machine with different authentication mechanism, however, couldn’t figure out exact steps to do. I want to configure one virtualhost to have jwt token authentication and another virtualhost to have anonymous i.e. no authentication thing on single jitsi meet server.

Steps I have done till now:

  • Copied conf in nginx dir for both domains, modified domain name respectively and modified ‘proxy_set_header’ by hardcoding domain name in bosh http-bind location.
  • Added both domains virtual host in prosody.cfg.lua
  • I have 2 domain.config.lua for individual hosts - 1 with jwt token enabled and 1 with anonymous.

I am stuck here now. Not sure, how should I proceed further. I see hostnames in jicofo but not sure to what I should change it to enable multiple vhosts? Also, are there any other configurations I am suppose to do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi @damencho @saghul
can anyone help me with the query? Thanks.