Single jibri for multiple jitsi-meet instance


Hi I saw a youtube video about, how to configure jibri. In that, the gentleman said, we could configure 1 single jibri to serve multiple jitsi-meet instances. for example i have 2 seperate server and and i have a jibri server how do i configure it to serve both considering it is not busy??


here is the youtube link btw, time 15:15


When it is used for deployment A, deployment B will see it as busy. Currently jibri can handle only one session.


Hi @damencho thanks for getting back.

i get this part. but i am confused how to put the configuration in the config.json in jibri server so that it can connect to both server A and server B and stand by for client to request for resources,
for example,


You just add another block in “xmpp_environments”, for example:

“xmpp_environments”: [
“name”: “environment ONE”,
“xmpp_server_hosts”: [
“xmpp_domain”: “xmpp1.domain”,

“name”: “environment TWO”,
“xmpp_server_hosts”: [
“xmpp_domain”: “xmpp2.domain”,




cool man!! thanks for the info :smiley: