Single Column in Tile Mode

All, I am new to Jitsi so please excuse me if I ask a bad question…I have created a VB.Net application that has 3 web browsers one of which is Jitsi. Due to the use of the application, my users are needing Jitsi to take up as little space as possible. For most users Jitsi ends up being a narrow single “column” on the right side of their monitor. I have noticed that in tile mode, Jitsi seems to have a minimum limit of 2 portals for participants shown side by side. Is it possble to configure Jitsi so it would display all participants in 1 column? The less space being taken up per portal the better in my world. BTW, when Jitsi is a small window that is horizontal, it takes up even a larger path of the screen when showing just 1 or 2 portals.

So far Jitsi is a great solution for our application! Great Job!!!