Since updating to version 2.0.7882 disabling screen-sharing via jwt not working

Hi Jitsiers,

Since updating to the latest version of Jitsi 2.0.7882 I have found that, the “screen-sharing” jwt has no effect on the “toggle screenshare” option.

Below is snip of my JWT:
"user": { "name": "James Green", "email": "", "id": "222", "affiliation": "member" }, "group": "Some Group", "features": { "recording": true, "screen-sharing": false } },
As you can see I am passing in two “features”. The recording feature works as expected, if I set it to false recording is not available if I set it to true recording is available.

However “screen-sharing” does nothing! The screen sharing option is available no matter if its true or false

I noticed this file has recently have been changed: History for react/features/base/jwt/constants.ts - jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

I have had a quick flick though the commits and can’t see anything obvious.

Any ideas anyone?

Ping @horymury

Please stick to one post, and avoid multiple posts on the same subject. If someone is trying to gather the information it is impossible to do that in the future.
You already had some answers and useful inputs on the subject here

There are still things to be checked…