Since Fr bad conncetions as soon as there are more than 2 participants

Hello there,

I’ve got now since Friday the problem with connection…
Poor connection
Choppy sound / speech
Shared Screen will not show properly
Screen freeze

Normally I’m absolutely over-happy with

As we are in Distance Learning again I really need it urgently to work

Looking forward to some help
or if there was an update or some changes made…

Thanks lot

Is this on or on your own private server?

on meet.


Hi there,

we have exactly the same problems since Friday evening. Problems started around 6 p.m. CET (shared screen flickering, audio dropouts and delays, connection dropouts). We managed to hold the meeting of 15 participants until the end shortly after 7 p.m.

Today (Monday) we had to cancel the meeting because the problems were too serious and we did not hear the instructor. As we found out when there were only two of us in the room, everything was O.K., but even one more participant made the session unusable. In the group of 15 participants, less than half were connected, the others kept loosing their connection.

We also noticed some changes in the GUI that led us to the idea that a new version of the client was released - maybe this is the root of the problem.


@Suzie in what region are you?

@damian …austria…

This is happening everywhere in Europe and in the US, East Coast. Not the first time btw.

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today it seems to be alright again :wink:

We discovered early today a problem with a few shards in Europe. That happen after the release last week and those are fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.

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