Simultaneous audio needed from all participants

Hi all,

I’m new to Jitsi and Meet. This might be a weird request, but I would like to have simultaneous audio from all participants on Jitsi. I’m a composer writing a piece for remote videoconferencing. I’m not worried about latency, but every video chat service I’ve tried always tries to guess who the “winner” is and ducks the audio coming from everyone else. For my use case, I need for everyone to hear everyone else, even (perhaps especially) when they are sending audio. Some of the players will be on mobile, others on desktop; all will be wearing headphones.

Is there a way to do this on the Jitsi Meet system? If not, is it possible to set up my own Jitsi server that would allow this?

Thanks for your help. I’m happy to clarify if more info is needed to address my question.

You can try to this on There is nothing as stopping audio for the participants. I just wonder the thing you refer to, is it just echo cancelation and nose reduction. But yeah give it a try on and say do you see the problem there.

Thanks for the tip!

I think we were getting some audio ducked out in a test with four people last night and found it to be doing some kind of audio processing. Is there way to turn off echo cancelation and noise reduction?

To disable it on your side you can try this link

Excellent. Will test and report back.

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We are planning on doing the same thing as you – many musicians playing at the same time. Were you successful in your test?


See this link about echo cancellation. I don’t know if it’s doable for you to play with headphones but I’m not a musician.
A system doing sound mixing at the server level would make more sense, however, that’s not Jitsi-meet.

Hi Gavin,

Our test with those URL parameters went a little better than without them, but it was still pretty far from ideal. I ended up doing the project with a mix of Zoom for video and something else (in this case, Cleanfeed). We were only testing with four or five players though (not AWS-sized groups!). Since then, I think I would try it again with the new “Zoom fidelity music mode” and have a backup plan of something like Jamulus or Jamkazam for audio. I haven’t tested either of those with more than around five or six players, though. Of the two, I think Jamulus is probably better equipped for big groups, but is a little less friendly to set up for new folks.