Simulcast isn't disabled during screen sharing


I figured out that during the screen sharing session, the simulcast is still enabled. It should be disabled, right?

How did I realize?
I have a Ubuntu (18) server on EC2 AWS that is installed Jitsi follow the guide here

When presenter is showing screen, on another participant I try to descrease the quality from HD to SD/LD. I can see the presenter’s screen is going bad quality. I never see the same behavior when using jitsi offical meeting system (

Further checking, I see on the presenter’s browser, there are 3 streams are sent out. (using chrome://webrtc-internals). Compare to the, only 1 HD stream is sent out.

I doubt that I missed some configuration, but I don’t know what it is. (My configuration config.js is default)
Could you guys advise me for this case?

Best Regard.

Which version do you use, is it the latest from stable?

What about desktopSharingFrameRate from config.js, do you have any changes for that?

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If you are using the latest stable (2.0.6173), you also need to set enableLayerSuspension to true in config.js

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Hi @damencho , thank for your reply.
desktopSharingFrameRate is still commented.

I think i’m using the latest version, I just installed jitsi yesterday.

Thank for your suggestion, let me try.

It works now, @arzar
I’m doing some tests, but I think it works as expected after I changed that option to true.

Many thanks.