Sign-up sign-in flow oauth | Prosody | Jitsi meet

Okay, so i’ve configured prosody and restricted access to auth on my server.
Now, i’m trying to figure out an architecture where i could sign up and sign in.

Sign in part should be easy, create jwt token after the user has signed in on web.
but about sign up part, user’s are added to prosodyctl.
Now, i’ve no idea so far on what flow would be wiser, i’d apparently want to create a sign up page and then only logged in users could sign in.

While, i’d continue to work on it, any guides out there or anyone who has already done it, if they could put in some small tips or where to look :slight_smile: that’d be helpful!


so, i think the approach here would be to use jwt tokens and after create the sign up / sign in flow, then i pass that jwt token generated to prosody?


bumping too.