Showing webcam stream while doing screen sharing


Currently while in the meeting, when user is doing document sharing only document can be seen not the user webcam. My questions are as follows,

  1. Is it possible to show both camera and document at the same time. For example, the big stage will show the desktop / document while local small window still showing user’s camera.
  2. If the first case is not possible, is it possible to create window like how share youtube video works. For example, when user have decided which document / window to share, the app will create a window like the one works for youtube and add it. So that everyone in the conference will be able to switch between user video or shared screen.
  3. Is jitsi has any plan in the future to implement the above / either usecases?
  4. are there any webrtc constraints, that don’t allow user to share both webcam and desktop at the same time?

[jitsi-users] Video chat and screensharing in parallel

HI there!

This is not currently implemented

Yes, I think that’s a reasonable possibility, but we haven’t made a final decission on it AFAIK.

Nope, it can be done we just haven’t.


+1 on having webcam stay visible during screen share. I would say, Jitsi operates similar to Google Hangouts now, but I’m in a Google Meet now, and it looks like both webcam and screenshare are now able to be active and visible at the same time.