Show screenshare and camera on UI at the same time

Is this feature in the development roadmap? I will like to know if there are any plans to support this feature in the near future otherwise we are considering to our own custom modifications.

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I’m not aware of this being in the roadmap.

u can try some thing like this, lets say u have 2 monitors and 1 u r using for jitsi-meet and another one using for the application(word, powerpoint etc) u want to share. now what u can do is, create a button that will be visible when u r using screen sharing. and when user click on that button u open a separate child window (that renders ur video only using webrtc) with ‘always on top’ attribute and drag it to the 2nd screen where ur shared application is rendering. so all the guests in the meeting will see ur video and ur application…on the server side increase the framerate of screen sharing to 30 so ur video won’t lag…thats it…i am not sure how complex the code will be…just an idea…:nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

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I just posted on similar topic:

this as been relayed here too.

I could handle almost what you suggest by opening a second tab and reconnect to the room. But it mismatch the audio as browser is getting twice the incoming audio streams. Any clue how to cut incoming audio stream from a seconf tab ? that would do the job.

Just mute the audio element.