Show screen sharing tiles in filmstrip

In Jitsi meet, if a user is screen sharing and they are in the filmstrip, it just shows their name (like their video is muted), it doesn’t show their screen. Is there a setting that I can change to show the screen in the filmstrip of those screen sharing?

Thank you.

It used to work in Jitsi meet versions a year ago by default, but no longer now.

I tested this now on and it still shows the thumbnail of the screenshare in the filmstrip.

Ah, I think I see what you mean now. Checking from the other participant’s screen, the thumbnail of the person sharing does indeed show up as just their name:

This is as expected. You don’t need seeing it if its on the big screen. The large image scale to show it on your screen has cpu penalty, doing it twice and showing it twice and resizing to even smaller size is not a good for your cpu :slight_smile:

But even if it’s not showing on the big screen it doesn’t show on the filmstrip either. So for example if I am viewing another user full screen, the screen of the user in the room who is sharing his screen can’t be seen in the filmstrip. See this screenshot I just took from to show the problem: