Show only my video in the screen

How can i show only my video in to jitsi meet ,which feature flag is used to this purpose, alse how to hide bottom video boxes(participants)

In Stage (Speaker) view, your video will occupy most of the screen with the other participants showing up in a filmstrip on the right side. You can click the little right-pointing arrow on the lower-right corner to hide that filmstrip so only your video occupies the whole screen. You can additionally enforce this view on the other participants by choosing “Everyone follows me” in “settings”, so they only see your video occupying their screen too (if that’s your goal).

we are using a interactive video limestreaming broadcast app like facebook live.
How can i do, is possible to create with jitsi meet.please help.

Not sure if this is your question, but yes, you can livestream through Jitsi. Just paste your RTMP key in the box that comes up when you click on “Livestream” and you’re good to go.

How can i remove these boxes, i need only participants name

i need this type of view